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Goodbye to the signs of aging with Solo®

An all-natural beauty tool, free of contraindications and side effects, perfectly fitting every physiognomy

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Say goodbye to the signs of aging with Solo®

An all-natural beauty tool, free of contraindications and side effects, perfectly fits every physiognomy

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Solo® is a 225-gram weight with a modular, cylindrical structure that allows you to tone the muscles of the face and neck through a daily workout of only 3 minutes, taking advantage of the principles of muscle physiology.

Solo® is ideal for women and men of any age who wish to improve skin elasticity and firmness to prevent and visibly reduce the signs of aging.

100% recyclable material
No batteries needed to use it
Ergonomic: adaptable to all different physionomies
For every skin type, even the most sensitive
Maximum comfort due to the absence of edges
Hypoallergenic material
100% made in Italy

From the idea to the patent

The realization of Solo® stems from a careful and in-depth study phase based on scientific analysis, and a subsequent engineering phase led by the Brescia-based company Isinnova in the person of Eng. Cristian Fracassi, which led to the mass production of the innovative beauty tool and the obtaining of a patent as an industrial invention in the field of facial tools in March 2021.

“The creation of Solo® was by no means easy. The product is only seemingly simple: steel cylinders coated with a soft membrane. However, arriving to the final product took time and research because there had never been a way to fully integrate a metal product inside a polymeric material shell without any marks on the surface. This is why an innovative printing system, unique on the market, was developed to allow the complete coating of Solo®‘s metal elements in material suitable for contact with the skin and perfectly adaptable to the conformation of any type of face.”

Eng. Cristian Fracassi
Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic thanks to the creation of the valve that allowed the use of Decathlon masks as respirators during the first period of the pandemic


The birth of Solo®

Solo® was created in response to a common need: to maintain a naturally youthful face and neck, giving them the same attention that has always been given to the body.

From here, thanks to the professional experience of Dr. Giada Sbalbi, a graduate of physical therapy and exercise science, the scientific solution was found.

Starting from the principle that face and neck are covered with muscles, we approached facial gymnastics and the idea of introducing ergonomic weights to be applied for their own training.

This solution is able to prevent, reduce and eliminate the formation of expression lines by toning the muscle, allowing it to support the dermis and creating plumping and lifting effects that result in a progressive relaxation of the epidermis with a visible reduction in the signs of aging.

In fact, muscle physiology teaches that by lifting loads of weight, the contractile component of the muscle, called the myofibril, not only increases in volume, but also increases the number of myofibrils and the ability to recruit them (according to the “co-contraction phenomenon”).
This mechanism tones the muscle, allowing it to support the dermis, creating toning, plumping and lifting effects that result in a progressive stretching of the epidermis with a visible reduction in the signs of aging.

At this point, all that remained was to move on to the study of the shape of the weight so that it would be functional for universal use i.e. it would be:

  • ergonomic and therefore adaptable to any type of face;
  • able to remain stable during movements thanks to a sufficient grip to keep it firmly on the face without leaving marks or causing any discomfort to be felt.

The design

Analyzing the anatomy and biomechanics of the mimic muscles (shape, origin, insertion and action) and drawing on physics (fulcrum and lines of force), we moved on to design:


shape design functional to each face area


definition of the suitable size by measuring the face of a significant sample of individuals (women and men)


distribution of the weight force


definition of movements suitable to train face and neck

Once the shapes, the distribution of loads and the movements to be practiced had been established, we moved on to the prototyping phase, which defined the structure, whole cylinders, and the material, namely TPE, a thermoplastic polymer that has been used in medicine for more than 20 years and has no contraindications for use on the face. Having arrived at the desired result, Eng. Cristian Fracassi was given a mandate to produce Solo®, the first free weight designed for facial gymnastics.

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