Why purchase Solo by Mimix?

Because it works!
As laboratory tests prove, Mimix is the result of research, science, and innovation. A tool for the muscles of the face and neck that reduces the length and depth of wrinkles, improves elasticity and invigorates skin tone. The results seen on our faces and on the faces of those who have tried it have also been proven by clinical instrumental tests performed on a statistically significant sample of people!

Is Solo by Mimix easy to use?

Yes, just watch the video tutorials in the Mimix App and you will be guided, step by step, in training and performing all the exercises to tone the muscles of the face and neck.

How to use Solo by Mimix?

You can use Solo in a supine position (lying on your back) wherever you are.
Simply place Solo on your face and move it to different areas of your face to easily train all your facial muscles.

When to use Solo by Mimix?

Any time of day is ideal for using your Solo device. It all depends on your daily routine. It only takes 3 minutes to exercise with Solo. Depending on your schedule, you can choose the best time to dedicate to yourself and your innovative beauty routine: in the morning, in the evening before going out, or why not during your lunch break!

When do you see the first results?

The results are visible already after the first two weeks of consistent training with the Solo device by Mimix.

Can you use Solo by Mimix at any age?

Solo is intended for men and women of all ages, as it helps to prevent, maintain, and improve the elasticity and tone of the skin and to decrease the length and depth of wrinkles, if they are already visible.

How do you sanitise Solo by Mimix?

Made with an antibacterial coating, Solo is washable with mild soap and water.

Can Solo by Mimix be used after a cosmetic procedure?

Yes, if you’re able to use your facial mimicry muscles.

Can Solo by Mimix be used with face creams or serums?

As recommended in the beauty routine of the Mimix Life app, for a perfect use it is preferable to have clean and cleansed skin. It is recommended to apply the face cream immediately after the use of Solo by Mimix for a better absorption of its active ingredients, thanks to the increase of the superficial microcirculation of the face and neck.

Does using Solo by Mimix have any contraindications?

Easy to use, the Solo device has no contraindications and takes care of the environment, in fact it is 100% recyclable.

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