Wrinkles on the face? No, thanks!

Discover the benefits of facial exercises with weights

The benefits of facial gymnastics with Solo are not limited to improving skin tone and elasticity.

Clinical and instrumental tests show that Solo improves the microcirculation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to flow into the skin, gives a healthier complexion, and increases the absorption capacity of beauty products..

Solo is effective

See the data collected after clinical-instrumental tests with Solo*.

1) How do you rate the effectiveness of Solo against wrinkles?

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2) How do you rate Solo’s ability to improve skin firmness?

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3) How do you assess Solo’s ability to make the skin more toned?

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4) How do you rate the appearance of your skin after using Solo?

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It’s not just facial gymnastics: it’s a wellness revolution

Beauty makes you feel good! How many benefits can you get from using Solo by Mimix?

Feel comfortable in that dress again

Try a new haircut

Laugh when and as much as you want

Save on beauty treatments

Train with friends

Rediscover the pleasure of going out and relaxing

Face new encounters with confidence

Transmit energy with your gaze

Rediscover the pleasure of a more natural look

Change your look whenever you want and choose the style you like

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