Cristina and Giada, the Founders of Mimix

An idea born from the holiday of two friends.

Solo by Mimix is the story of two jobs, a sport, a friendship and a holiday.

When Cristina, a personal trainer, and Giada, a physiotherapist with a degree in Motor Sciences, meet in a CrossFit box, a spark ignited between the two. As well as sharing a passion for sports, Cristina and Giada have both chosen a profession that has to do with people’s psychophysical wellbeingand they firmly believe in the power of endorphins, the molecules of happiness that the brain produces after exercising.

The endorphins helped tocreate a real friendship between them. And what do friends do when they feel good together? They go on a great holiday by the sea! Away from the stresses of life, between an aperitif and a workout on the beach, Cristina and Giada had a brilliant idea: if the muscles of the body benefit from sport, why not also train the muscles of the face and neck to tone the skin?

The idea did not die on holiday, on the contrary, on their return Cristina and Giada immediately set to work to create the first ergonomic free weight to train facial muscles, giving life to the Mimix brand. After careful studies and extensive research, the creation of Mimix became a prototype, and the prototype was patented. Solo was born, the sports tool for the face that is revolutionising the beauty routine of so many people.