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Who we are

 is an innovative Italian small-medium enterprise specializing in the wellness/beauty-tech sectors, and above all, Mimix.Life is a team of dreamers led by the person who conceived and realized the dream with determination, willpower, study and a smidgen of madness: Giada Sbalbi, physical therapy and exercise science doctor.

 has a simple but revolutionary philosophy: it firmly believes in the rediscovery of natural and authentic beauty, a beauty that comes from seeing yourself better and feeling good about yourself in all senses. A beauty that is increasingly linked to a complete well-being, both physical and mental, with the ultimate goal of achieving harmony with oneself, which Mimix.Life’s vision defines as “bellessere”.

  pursues core values such as self-respect including through caring, respect for the environment, inclusiveness, solidarity and beauty in all its forms. It believes in the value of people and their authenticity, of all people, each with his or her own peculiarities, merits and flaws included; it believes in diversity.

  raises the bar of wellness. It wants to establish a new dimension of mental and physical well-being by integrating body care and a healthy lifestyle with care of our face and our expressions.

 firmly believes that the beauty of being exists and is already within each of us and wants to be the force that triggers change!

Giada Sbalbi

Giada Sbalbi, 47 years old – Founder and firm Mimixer for 6 years

“Before introducing Solo® to the general public, I wanted to test it on myself, and I am thrilled with the results! I am convinced that my proactive approach combining beauty, fitness and wellness can have a positive impact on many people’s lives. Since its launch to date, Solo® has already helped many people to regain their smiles simply by liking themselves more. Working out with Solo® is not only about achieving an aesthetic goal, but also a way to improve one’s inner well-being and self-esteem, which are the founding mission of Mimix.Life, the achievement of bellessere.”

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